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MAC November 6 & 7 2021 Trial

November 6, 2021 @ 8:00 am - November 7, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

AAC Agility Trial November 6 & 7 2021

Judge: Christine Mandy


Saturday: Standards (3 Starters, 3 Advanced, 3 Masters)

Sunday: Snooker (3 Starters, 3 Advanced, 3 Masters)


Results – Starter Standard 1

Results – Starter Standard 2

Results – Starter Standard 3

Results – Advanced Standard 1

Results – Advanced Standard 2

Results – Advanced Standard 3

Results – Master Standard 1

Results – Master Standard 2

Results – Master Standard 3

Results – Starter Snooker 1

Results – Starter Snooker 2

Results – Starter Snooker 3

Results – Advanced Snooker 1

Results – Advanced Snooker 2

Results – Advanced Snooker 3

Results – Master Snooker 1

Results – Master Snooker 2

Results – Master Snooker 3

November 2021 Trial Premium (PDF)

November 2021 Trial Information (PDF) 

Christine’s Bio:

I am grateful for the opportunity to have one of the best seats in the house at this November’s MAC trial. I look forward to all the fun we will have both on and off the agility field. For those of you who don’t know me… my agility journey began in 2001 with my first Chesapeake Bay Retriever (CBR), Chance. In 2004, I co-founded my own agility club, The Agility Connection (TAC), in Kingston, ON. My judging experience began by designing and judging courses for TAC’s fun match trials. I officially became an AAC Starters/Advanced

Judge in July 2010 and a Masters Judge in November 2014. Since then, it has been my good fortune to judge the 2016 Nationals in Montreal as well as the 2018 and 2019 BC Yukon Regionals. Judging has been very good to me; I have been to places I would have never been and met some of the most amazing people/teams I would not have otherwise met. To say I have thoroughly enjoyed judging Starters, Advanced and Masters events from one coast of

this beautiful country to the other is an understatement. It is, in part, for this reason that I have been the AAC Vice-President since April 2018 and sit on the National Steering Committee. In addition, I have been the AAC Board Liaison for the National Team Management Committee since June 2018 and have had the privilege of volunteering my time to judge National Team Tryouts at the 2018 and 2019 AAC National Events. 

Since entering the world of agility, I have trained and competed with seven Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (CBRs) and three All Canadians. I am currently competing at the Starters/Advanced levels with Fayth (an All Canadian who found her way into my heart and home in March 2015), Zoom (a foster failure sweetheart from a reserve in Northern Quebec) and Worthy (my beautiful and naughty two and a half year old CBR). I also enjoy training and competing in CARO and have dabbled in dock dogs and nose work. 

I am passionate about the welfare of dogs less fortunate than our own. I have organized many successful fundraisers and volunteered for numerous dog-related charities, such as Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund, Friends of Willow, Forever Homes, Manitoba Animal Alliance and Humane Society International (HSI) in Quebec, to name but a few. Since finding my passion for rescue, I have been privileged to welcome approximately forty-five dogs into my home for stays from anywhere from one night to nineteen months or “forever”. 

I currently share my heart and home with Fayth, Zoom, Worthy and Mabel the Cat. 

May you all enjoy your trialing experience as much as I know I will enjoy sharing the time with you and your beloved partners.


November 6, 2021 @ 8:00 am
November 7, 2021 @ 5:00 pm